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BrowXenna® «Blonde» henna set is suitable for clients with light eyebrows. Shades, presented in the set, allow to add texture and density of color to the eyebrows of blondes, but do not darken the hairs. «Blonde» henna set consists of three shades and is designed for 280-300 procedures. Shades can be used individually or mixed together.

BrowXenna® is the first henna developed specifically for eyebrows. Due to natural ingredients — lawsonia, indigofera, henna gives the tone to the eyebrows. Coloring effect lasts up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hairs.

#201 Pearl Blonde

This shade is suitable for blondes with a very pale skin. It gives a gentle coloring effect, nearly invisible on the skin. To make the tone richer, mix the «Pearl Blonde» shade with «Light Chestnut». In order to avoid undesirable warm tint with yellowness, add small amount of «Graphite concentrate».

#202 Light Blonde

Shade «Light Blonde» is suitable for light blondes and girls with olive skin tone. In its pure form the shade can give a light haze or look transparent on the skin.

#203 Light Chestnut

Shade «Light Chestnut» is suitable for blondes with honey and golden tints of hair, as well as for brown-haired women with a light red tint of hair.

Shelf life: 2 years

Helf life after opening: 1 year

Amount of applications: 280-300

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