Payment & Delivery

If any error occurs when you place the order, this may happen because:
1. You have entered the code on the front and back of the card in the wrong way
2. You can contact the bank to check if you have any cash withdrawal limits
3. You can not pay online
4. You have payment restrictions for the Republic of Moldova
5. Other issues you can find out by contacting the bank you are working to find out why payment can not be made.



Sending an order via the Post Office of Moldova (EMS) is paid in advance of 100%.

Prepayment of 100% is made from a bank card (the order price plus shipping, the postage fee is 200 lei.) This type of delivery lasts from 3 to 14 days (depending on the region).

Delivery by Transport Companies is a delivery method through which Explore Cosmetic leads a collaboration with International Freight Transport Companies.

When choosing this delivery method, you have to go to the address we have indicated by a message to pick up your order. The parcels are not brought home!

After choosing this delivery method you will receive a message by email or phone (WhatsApp / Viber) with the following data:
1. Country / city;
2. Telephone number of the shipping company through which the package was sent;
3. The day you need to call to receive more detailed information about the time and location (address);
4. The day you have to go after the parcel;
5. Other information at your request.
* When choosing this delivery method you must specify the correct email and mobile number of you or of the person to receive the parcel, otherwise we risk that the parcel will not reach you.
** The parcels are shipped on Tuesdays and Weddings - arrive in the destination country SATURDAY or SUNDAY.

*** If you know a transport company that arrives in the region where you live, please choose the item "Take out of the shop" and in the "Additional details" box - specify the company data that you want to send your parcel .

Delivery to Chisinau or on the territory of Moldova is carried out by courier company '' Rapid Curier Po┼čta Moldovei ''.

For Chisinau and suburbs if the order is placed until 10.00 it is possible delivery on the same day. Otherwise, the order is delivered within 1-2 business days after placing and confirming the order (depending on the courier's workload). The delivery time is negotiated upon receipt of the order. After placing the order, our manager will contact you to confirm the order.

• The cost of delivery at any point in the city. Chisinau and the suburbs is 30 lei.

When choosing this delivery method you must specify the exact address and mobile number of you or the person to receive the package.

• Outbound delivery cost. Chisinau is 60 lei.

When choosing this delivery method you must specify the exact address and mobile number of you or the person to receive the package.


Delivery cost at any point in GERMANY is 30 Euros. Payment of the delivery cost is made upon receipt of the package. When placing your order, you need to choose the "LOAD from MAGAZINE" sub-item.
The package is delivered in 2 to 5 days. When choosing this delivery method you must specify the exact address and mobile number of you or the person to receive the package.

• The cost of delivery at any point in ROMANIA is 30 Roni.
The package is delivered in 2 to 4 business days. When choosing this delivery method you must specify the exact address and mobile number of you or the person to receive the package.

The seller does not assume the obligation to transport the asset. The goods may be delivered by the carrier chosen by the buyer on the basis of the contract of carriage between the buyer and the carrier. The seller commits to provide a list of the most advantageous rates for the buyer and to assist the buyer in transporting the good.


How do you pay?
Electronic commerce

Online commerce is the activity of buying / selling goods and services via the Internet

Online commerce is characterized by the availability to buy nonstop and avoid crowding in classic shops

The number of online stores is growing and we can buy any product we want in the internet

Online shopping is starting to gain more and more followers

It is cheaper to pay online (cost 0) than to withdraw money from the ATM
Want to buy a product or service from the Internet and do not know how? It is very simple.
There are only a few steps to follow:

Step 1

Press the "Add to Cart" button (or "Buy" button) next to the product / service you want to buy. Some sites show the contents of the shopping cart, others do not. Follow the instructions for each case.
Next, the merchant will ask you to fill out a form with the shipping address and billing information. Some sites ask you to register and enter a series of identification data before proceeding with the purchase process. You will receive a name and password that will give you access to an account where you will most often be able to see the history of your orders and you will be able to track your order.

Step 2


Choose the form of credit / debit card payment.

In the case of online card payments, a secured page is located, belonging to the processor, where you will enter the card data with which you want to pay the order.

The necessary data for the transaction are:

The name on the card;

card number - the 16 numbers on the card face *

expiration date - which is also on the face of the card (Example: 09/14 - month / year);

CVV2 or CVC2 code **
Step 3

Where can I find my card number?

The card number consists of 16 digits and starts with 4 or 5 or 6. If all the figures are not printed on the card or the full number is not visible, you can contact the customer support service to find out the full card number. Tel: 0 (22) 450 603

What is CVV2 or CVC2?

CVV2 / CVC2 is a 3-digit security code printed on the back of the card and / or in the PLIC PIN received from the bank. The number appears in the area with your signature, with left-handed letters (see example). This code is an additional security element for validating a genuine card in a transaction.


If the information provided is correct and you have sufficient funds in your card account, you will receive a transaction approval message. At this time, the transaction amount is blocked (you can not use it) without being debited from your card.

Step 4


All BC "Moldova AgroindBank" BC cards issued under the Visa Inc. payment systems are accepted for payment. and MasterCard W.W., including Visa Electron and Cirrus / Maestro.

Do I have a card in Moldovan Lei (MDL), can I pay with him shopping in EUR / USD?

You can pay with your card in any currency, the conversion is automatically made at the settlement date in the course of card operations issued by BC "Moldova AgroindBank" S.A.
To avoid conversion and increase security of payments, you can open a separate card in EUR and / or USD - Virtual MasterCard.

My card was not accepted for payment. Why?

There are several situations where your card may be declined to pay. The most common situation is the lack of funds on the card. You need to fund the card with funds or check if the card is out of date.

If you have sufficient funds in your account and the card is active, you need to call the bank support at the phone numbers listed on the card. For cards of BC "Moldova Agroindbank" SA, call +373 (22) 450 603.

Error due to card

The card is not intended for online payments

The bank that manages your account has banned the online use of the card

Cards are not allowed to be used

Card data (card number, expiration date, code present on the signature-tagged band) were entered incorrectly

The card has expired
 Error due to account

There are not enough funds to complete the transaction.

The amount of the transaction exceeds the limit for the purchase.
 Error due to Internet connection

Perhaps the connection was broken during the transaction. Please try again!

Transaction failed due to exceeded duration. Please try again!
Technical error

If you can not go back from the payment page to the Merchant / Service Provider page, the transaction will fail.
If you have returned from the pay page but have pressed the Navigator's "Back", "Recharge" or "Refresh" button, the system automatically refuses the transaction for security reasons.

Careful! Usually the cause of the failed transaction is displayed on the pay page.


Lower prices

Typically, virtual stores offer goods and services at lower prices than classic shops, as there are low maintenance costs for the online store (out of the cost of the products offered for sale are excluded the costs of maintaining a commercial space, rent, wages, etc.).


Online shopping helps us save much more than through discounts and offers. We do not have to move, so we save fuel. In some cases, deliveries are free or small enough, for which it is not worth going to the mall or the specialist stores. The problem of a parking space is lost, but also the parking fee. Then, since we do not have to go anywhere, we save time and we can use it altogether. In total, online shopping relieves us of stress.

Time saving

Society is looking for solutions to make better use of free time because the rhythm of current life is very fast.
Online shopping will take less time.
You do not have to stay in traffic until you get to the shops, do not stand in queues to pay for the goods, do not wait for the seller to serve you, you do not have to take packets with purchases already made when you want to continue shopping.
It's more convenient and you get free time. Maybe it's one of the most obvious benefits. Being at home, in the office, in the park, in the cafeteria, in front of the computer, you can shop. Browse the internet, order, pay and receive courier, post, etc.


In online stores the products are more affordable and there are no time limits.
One of the most obvious advantages of online shopping is consumer convenience. In front of the computer, we are relieved of the agglomeration in a shop, from the state to the queue. Often, online stores offer discounts and promotions that we do not find in stores or malls.

Open 24h / 7 days

Online shops work 24 hours a day and do not have access to the web page. There is no one out there in the online store, there is no closing time, lunch break or other time restrictions. We can shop for our own free time. We can make interruptions and continue whenever we want.

The largest assortment

In the internet, online stores offer the widest range of goods and services from different parts of the world, from different retailers and manufacturers. This assortment is not found in the largest shopping centers. On the Internet, it is possible to view the full range of products in any field.
In the Internet, there is a much larger variety of products, and their prices can be compared very easily to those on other web pages, giving them the choice of the best price. On many sites you even have the option to keep your products in the basket longer (days, weeks) until you decide whether you want to buy them or not.

No seller

The joy of shopping is partly diminished by vigilant sellers, who follow us every step or, on the contrary, are not there when we need them. Online shopping is relieved of this inconvenience. Besides, nobody nods to buy an object that needs to be exhausted. The choice belongs entirely to us.


Returning products and money:

The products we buy may have some defects or simply no longer meet our needs. How should we deal with these situations and what are our rights as consumers?

According to the Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance Agency (APCSP), in the case of defective products, we have the right to change the product with a similar or better quality, paying the price difference if we can not use it as intended. At the same time, if the product can not be changed, the consumer has the right to request the return of the money.

According to the Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance Agency (APCSP), in the case of defective products, we have the right to change the product with a similar or better quality, paying the price difference if we can not use it as intended. At the same time, if the product can not be changed, the consumer has the right to request the return of the money.


The legal rules also provide that the repair is to be carried out in a timely and convenient manner to the consumer. This must be respected, otherwise penalties in favor of the consumer will occur.

At the same time, when purchasing a defective product, the customer has the right to ask for a replacement with a similar quality but also for the return of the money paid for that good.

Money is returned to your bank account in the following cases:

The product was not delivered.
Product expired (Date of production and expiration is per each product.)
The order you received does not coincide with the command made on the site. (You have not been informed too - (a).
Money is refunded only if the merchandise is new.


Online payment security

The personal information you provide (name, address, telephone, E-mail, credit card number) is confidential and is not subject to disclosure. Your bank card data is transmitted only in encrypted form and is not stored on our Web server. All operations with payment cards occur in accordance with the requirements of Visa International and MasterCard WorldWide. When transferring information using special security technology card online payments.


Keep being awesome!

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