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Cream-Activator 2.7% is an important part of the OXYGEN J2 eyebrow and eyelash coloring system. It contains minimum percentage of hydrogen peroxide therefore acts on the skin and hairs less aggressively, but guarantees bright and long-lasting color.

OXYGEN J2 Dye should be used only with OXYGEN J2 Cream-Activator 2,7%, BrowXenna®. It cannot be used with products from a different technology family.

OXYGEN J2 is a gentle system of the smart coloring of brows and eyelashes. It is a non-ammonia dye based on molecular coloring technologies. The composition of the OXYGEN J2 Dye for eyebrows and eyelashes, includes coloring nanomolecules and care complex consisting of oat proteins, liquid silk, panthenol, vitamins, and keratin. The modern formula contributes to stable and even coloring and protects hairs during the coloring process.

Nano Pigment Technology (NPT) allows coloring nanomolecules to penetrate easily into the structure of the hairs, disclosing minimally the cuticular layer, thus ensuring consistent, flawless staining.

4 basic shades for any type.
It contains care components.
Exclusive Italian formula.
Shelf life: 3 years

Helf life after opening: 6 months

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